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“Progression” Oregon Eclipse 2017
They say adventure is out there. Well the 2017 Eclipse weekend was one adventure I knew I had to go after.

After attending a Tom Petty concert Saturday night at Safeco Field in Seattle (little did I know it would be one of his last); I drove with my wife Lindsey across to eastern Washington and down into Oregon towards the Painted Hills, arriving Sunday evening to what was no longer an isolated locale – hundreds of other eclipse seekers had already made a similar trek to this remote area of our state.

It was early evening when we turned off of HWY 26 and…

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They say a picture paints a thousand words. This is true, but when it comes to Nathan Holden’s photography, a picture also evokes a thousand emotions. While capturing a moment or place in time, Nathan’s photographs are also timeless and deeply expressive. One cannot look at them without being moved in some way.