About Nathan V. Holden – Photographer

They say a picture paints a thousand words. This is true, but when it comes to Nathan Holden’s photography, a picture also evokes a thousand emotions. While capturing a moment or place in time, Nathan’s photographs are also timeless and deeply expressive. One cannot look at them without being moved in some way.

When you meet the photographer behind the camera, you can begin to understand the magic. Fully self-taught, Nathan has been looking at life through the lens for more than a decade. What began as a calming mechanism in an otherwise chaotic world has developed into a full-blown passion for looking at things from a different perspective. Nathan is able to capture subtle nuances, layers of mood, and details within details through his photography. There is honesty and absolute clarity in his work that allows the viewer to see things as if for the first time.

It all began with a trip to Italy in 2004. Nathan’s then-girlfriend and future wife, Lindsey, was pursuing her dream and he followed bringing along a simple point and shoot camera for something to do. This led to a serious hobby and full-blown addiction. When the first of his close friends had a baby and Nathan took pictures to capture the new family, it became clear that his hobby had the potential to be something much more.

Now as a professional photographer whose skill has evolved, Nathan has developed both a reputation and ever-growing fan base. While he is inspired by the beauty around us, we can be inspired by the stories his photographs tell – and life, as seen through his viewfinder, is pretty spectacular.